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License agreement

"Yahki" is a website of Yahki Pty Ltd, incorporated in NSW Australia to meet current and developing needs of Internet users. This site depends in its management system on the information gained from users optionally, through users’ acceptance of this license and their use of the Website. Collected information is managed through the process of users registration and browsing, by knowledge of Yahki management only – and without its circulation, sharing with any third party, or use for commercial purposes. The information is considered a reference for Yahki in saving users settings and monitoring their preferences and range of interests, so as to develop the service, and to use this information as a way of communicating with them in case they participate and win in one of its competitions. If you agree to register and use the website Yahki, you understand and agree that you are committed to the following:

  • Yahki is an interactive website, designed, developed, managed and owned by Yahki Pty Ltd for Information Technology. All intellectual property rights for the site, its designs, electronic content, name, brand name and data are private and exclusive ownership of Yahki Pty Ltd alone. Therefore, users are not entitled to self or through a third party, to use anything of what mentioned previously, without a written consent of Yahki management.
  • Yahki is committed to valid International laws and agreements that govern circulation of information, privacy, morals, protecting private life, resisting terrorism and prohibited political activities, protecting intellectual property rights and not to offend the religions. Thus, any use of Yahki as a technical broker for spreading or displaying any photos, information, websites or videos, contrary to any of the previously mentioned, or contrary to regulated local or international laws, current or emerging, or criminalized by them, gives Yahki management the right to estimate gradual procedures, starting from: follow-up, violation alarm, deleting the infringing material without any liability or compensation, stopping user subscription, and finally cancelling their subscription completely.
  • The user is solely and legally responsible for any information or any artistic or literary form which provides their informational content, using Yahki as a technical broker. Yahki will not interfere with or be responsible for the previously mentioned, nor will it make compensations under any form. Moreover, this agreement will be supportive of Yahki. Therefore, anyone who is affected by users’ violation has to refer to them directly.
  • Yahki is committed to the controls of disclosure of user data, only in case of formal and legal claim. Otherwise, user’s data and information is subject to confidentiality provisions and inadmissibility of disclosure to others, even for commercial purposes.
  • Yahki management reserves the right to modify and develop the terms of this agreement at any time, in order to preserve and guarantee the rights of all parties, and to be consistent with the regulations in force. Your acceptance of this agreement of using this website holds you automatically responsible for following the terms of use stated which are renewed and developed periodically.
  • This license is subject mainly to the Law of NSW Australia. It is also subject to all International laws and agreements which govern user’s violation of their provisions, according to the country. This ensures Yahki’s representation and preservation of its rights by the offender.