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Yahki your school today!

The beauty of Yahki is its simplicity as a social learning environment. It’s an amazing tool! Yahki education channel delivers the toolset in a private learning space for each school or campus, yet naturally and safely extends to the wider community, even globally. ... More > The following video shows how. Yahki enables everyone to be a learner and everyone to be a teacher, leveraging Web content, mainstream social media, and school/campus and personal digital resources.

Yahki is online, supporting almost every device and language, 24/7. Students and teachers can curate, create, share, assess, refine, collaborate and connect, locally, nationally, globally. Yahki is an open platform that sits across personal, local and enterprise application layers. Yahki reflects where learning is today, overcoming many of the barriers of traditional education.

Teachers and students often refer to Yahki as the 'glue' that brings together content, ideas, creativity, formative assessment and reflection. Yahki is the ideal mashup of social media, the Web and effective learning. Yahki education channel enables users to ‘channel’ specific Web, premium and user- generated content through their school/campus class, peer and teacher networks. Yahki respects the needs of users as members of learning communities and the wider community.

Yahki’s simplicity and the channel concept set Yahki apart, solving issues for learning communities disrupted by Web 2.0. Click here to learn more how Yahki education channel is so different to other tools and systems you may have used or heard about.

Three Yahki school channel options are available. All three options include:

  • Safe teacher-student-peer relationships for learning in your own safe school or campus channel
  • Assignment and challenge setting tools for teachers
  • Assignment submission and re-editing tools for students
  • Easy set-up of groups/classes. Upload users manually or in bulk in minutes
  • Real-time formative assessment tools, notifications , learning analytics and more
  • All the powerful personal curation, mash-up, publishing, networking and stats tools at
  • Access from home, school, anywhere, anytime, any device.

Yahki Lite

The free school or campus option
  • • Create your own school or campus Yahki channel for up to two teachers and 45 students
  • • Ideal for a class or a couple of smaller groups working on learning projects

Yahki Class

$5 /student per year Minimum $75 purchase
Upgrade to the premium class, cohort or faculty channel
  • • Ideal if you want more than 45 students in your Yahki channel, but not the whole school or campus
  • • Start with your faculty, cohort, or special project group – no need wait for the rest of the school or campus

Yahki School

$2.75 /student per year Minimum $275 purchase
Upgrade to the premium school or campus channel
  • • Add your total student enrollment to your Yahki channel
  • • Virtually unlimited class and group creation across your school